About Us

Welcome to OneCloudSquare, your ultimate destination for all your IT requirements. With a powerhouse of expertise in cutting-edge technologies like AWS, Azure, TensorFlow, OpenStack, VMware, IoT, and Cloud, we are here to catalyze seamless innovation and unprecedented scalability for your business. Our dedicated team is proficient in Salesforce, Middleware, Testing, SaaS, Web Services, Automation, Business Analysis, Vlocity, CRM, PeopleSoft, Oracle, QA, and DevOps.

But that’s not all! We go above and beyond to meet your diverse needs. Whether you are searching for skilled professionals in UI/UX Development, Front-end Development, Data Engineering, Software Development, or specialized services in law, accounts, mobile app development, finance, digital marketing, web, graphics design, and animation, consider it done!

At OneCloudSquare, we thrive on technology-driven solutions, empowering your success in the digital era. Together, let’s unlock your full potential, ignite growth, and achieve excellence like never before. Embrace the future with us and watch your dreams take flight!

Director’s Note

“Welcome to OneCloudSquare, where talent meets opportunity! As the Director of this dynamic staffing firm, I take immense pride in our commitment to finding the perfect match for both employers and job seekers. Our team of experts diligently connects the right talents with the right positions, fueling growth and success for businesses and individuals alike. Join us on this remarkable journey and let’s shape a brighter future together!”

– Priyanka Singh

“OneCloudSquare, where dreams become a reality through exceptional talent and unwavering dedication. I firmly invite you to explore a world of limitless opportunities, where we connect remarkable individuals with visionary companies. Join us in shaping the future workforce, as we take your aspirations and turn them into extraordinary achievements. Together, let’s soar to new heights!”

– Vivek Kumar